Each Adjmi Apparel division has a dedicated production department. While each of these departments specializes in its core product lines, they share a vendor matrix system and pool resources as needed. This strategy has continuously kept the bar high, enabling the company to excel in product sourcing and development. Our global vendor matrix has facilitated our ability to source competitively in virtually every apparel category.
Over the past twenty seven years, Adjmi Apparel Group, has developed strong partnerships with key suppliers, powering us with maximized quality and value. Our global business, with hub offices in Shanghai, is a cornerstone of the company’s sourcing mix, starting out as a garment sourcing operation and transforming into a tremendous resource for competitive fabrics and trims. Adjmi also maintains four strategically located company-owned offices to facilitate factory evaluations, factory compliance, the tracking of production, and the performing of Q.A. audits on a consistent basis.

Compliance here and abroad
At Adjmi we work hard to ensure that employees have a clean, safe work environment . Consistent with internationally recognized labor standards, our employees and those of our suppliers and vendors reflect our ethics and values no matter where our product are manufactured..
And while we understand that that there are different legal and cultural environments in which factories operate throughout the world, suppliers must pass third party inspection standards in order to do business with Adjmi .

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